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Quarry Inspection

At RAK Materials Consultants Pte Ltd, we specialize in conducting thorough inspections to identify rock types and examine mineral constituents, including alkali-silica reactivity.

RAK’s Upcoming New Tests!

RAK will be testing the reinforcement bar, prestressing straind / high tensile steel wire / prestressing steel / welded steel fabric and reinforcement steel bar with coupler in the mechanical engineering field soon.
Currently, RAK has completed the audit assessment conducted by Singapore Accreditation Council and is waiting the approval to be given for the green light to conduct the tests in mechanical engineering field.

R.A.K. is a now member of Singapore Green Building Council.

R.A.K. Materials Consultants Pte Ltd has recently become the member of Singapore Green Building Council. By becoming the member of SGBC, RAK hopes to play a part in caring for Mother Earth by promoting sustainable development and ensure that our scope of testing remains environmentally sustainable and safe.

R.A.K. attended SAC Customer Day 2022

R.A.K. attended SAC Customer Day 2022 on 22nd December 2022 and was awarded Certificate of ISO 17025 in Civil Engineering Field and Environmental Field.

What is Thermal Inspection?

Thermal Inspection utilises thermal imaging camera. This handheld non-contact device is used to capture detailed images in low visibility environments. It allows user to see real-time in an infrared spectrum, interpreting temperature as colour. Warmer areas appear as red and yellow, and cooler areas as purple or blue.