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Concrete Coring (Core Test)

Concrete core samples of 70mm diameter are extracted up to the specified required depth, of around 1.5x diameter, by using a water
cooled diamond impregnated coring barrel mounted on a rigid stand fixed firmly to the concrete surface. Prior to extraction of core samples, covermeter is used to locate the position of steel bars at the core locations to minimise the risk of hitting steel bars. All samples alter extraction are marked with appropriate site reference number for identification and will be delivered to laboratory for testing.

The testing of cores is generally in accordance with BS EN 12504-1: 2009, “Testing of concrete in structures – Part 1: Cored specimens–Taking, examining and testing in compression”. The core specimens are prepared by cutting to the preferred length / diameter ratio of 1.0, for comparison of the core strength result to cube strength.

Specimens with length / diameter ratio of less than 1 are rejected for testing. The specimen will also be examined for compaction, presence of voids, honeycombing and cracks and presence of reinforcement. The maximum size of coarse aggregate in the specimen is estimated. The ‘as received’ densities are performed on the cores using water displacement method in the condition when they are received in the laboratory. The end preparation of the specimens will be done by grinding. 

The compressive strength is calculated by dividing the maximum load by the cross sectional area, calculated from the average diameter.