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Moisture Detection

To detect the moisture for a dampness versus focusing on symptoms. The measure provides information that enables operators and owners to make decisions and prioritize where to focus more targeted inspection methods.

Thermographic Scanning in Water Leakage

Provision of consultation on the water leakage by using a high efficiency, effective, and non-contactable technique to analyze the thermal patterns from the surface of the structure.

Inspection and Consultation at Mining Site

Provision of general consultation to the client on the study of available information from the mining site by visiting the mining site and collect samples to conduct petrographic analysis.

Quarry Inspection

Are you concerned about the inconsistent quality of imported aggregates in your consignments? Ensure the reliability of your materials with a comprehensive quarry inspection. At RAK Materials Consultants Pte Ltd, we specialize in conducting thorough inspections to identify rock types and examine mineral constituents, including alkali-silica reactivity.

When there are discrepancies between pre-importation reports (S1 Test) and the confirmation of imported aggregates (S2 Test), or when deleterious aggregates are discovered in your consignment (S3 Test), it is crucial to engage a geologist to inspect the quarry. Our team of experienced geologists and petrographers is here to help.

With RAK Materials Consultants Pte Ltd, you can expect a detailed and conclusive report summarizing our findings at the quarry. We will also provide recommendations to prevent the export of unsuitable rocks for concrete production, if necessary.

If you require follow-up action or wish to schedule a quarry inspection, please contact us today via WhatsApp at +6597886514 or email to [email protected].

  •    Pre-Conquas Assessment

  •    Pre & Post Conditional Construction Survey

  •    Concrete Temperature Monitoring

  •    Collaborative R&D study with research agencies/government authorities/institutional organizations on recycled materials in concrete application, test about weathering effect on aggregate.

  •    Evaluation of in-situ concrete compressive strength correlation study of NDT core compressive strength, risk of delayed ettringite formation via Duggan test method, petrographic analysis on cement content.

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