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Building resilience: How construction companies Kimly and Woh Hup are embracing digitalisation

(a) Digitalisation is the foundation on which the construction industry can build its resilience for the future. The global COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has spurred companies in the sector to adopt digital solutions in order to stay agile.

(b) Streamlining processes and improving productivity by up to 25% with digital visualisation tools

(c) The Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) framework utilises technologies like Building Information Modelling (BIM) and virtual reality to integrate work processes and connect stakeholders throughout the construction lifecycle. This makes project management smoother, boosts construction efficiency, and minimises expensive rework.

(d) Virtual reality (VR) is another useful tool to help project teams visualise a project’s design. “Through 3D-modelling techniques and VR collaboration systems, we were able to show our clients a 3D-rendered virtual environment of physical mock-ups of facades and interior spaces in advance. This shaved off time spent in the design stage by approximately 20-25%, as issues could be spotted earlier and improvements could be made early on,” shares Mr Daniel Fung, Design Manager at Woh Hup.


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