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photo of UTM Machine

The machine depicted in the photo is the Universal Testing Machine (“UTM”). UTM is designed to perform tensile, compression, flex, peel, puncture, friction, shear tests and more. R.A.K. has purchased the UTM to test the quality of the waterproofing membrane such as the Bonded Upwards and Bonded Downwards membrane. This membrane has been used for the tunnelling projects led by the Land Transport Authority. The test methods of Bonded Upwards and Downwards Membrane that can be performed by the UTM comprises of the following:

  1. Tensile Strength and Elongation at break (Singapore Standard 374)
  2. Peel or Stripping Strength to Concrete (ASTM D 903)
  3. Puncture Resistance (ASTM E154) (This additional test will only apply to Bonded Upwards Membrane)


Other than being effective and useful in performing waterproofing membrane tests, it can also assist in the scope of geotechnical investigations. In particular, UTM can determine the unconfined compressive strength for a homogeneous specimen of undisturbed, re-compacted, remoulded or reconstituted soil under compression loading in accordance with the standard of BS EN 17892-7.

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