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RAK Materials Consultants - Your Trusted Partner for Concrete Product Certification

Are you searching for an independent, reliable certification body to ensure your concrete products meet national and international standards? Look no further than RAK Materials Consultants Pte Ltd (RAK). With our comprehensive Concrete Product Certification services, we provide reassurance and credibility to your products, allowing you to confidently enter the marketplace.

At RAK, we specialize in certifying concrete products based on the requirements of esteemed norms and standards such as SS EN 206 – Specification, Performance, Production & Conformity, SS 544 Part 1 – Method of Specifying & Guidance for the Specifier, SS 544 Part 2 – Specification for constituent materials and concrete, and SAC CT06 – SAC Criteria for Ready-mixed Concrete Producers. By adhering to these well-established guidelines, we ensure that your products not only meet the necessary criteria but also surpass customer expectations.

What sets RAK apart is our Product Certification scheme, which is designed to apply specific rules and procedures to each specified product category. This scheme serves as a testament to your competence and reliability as a product supplier, highlighting your ability to consistently produce high-quality products in conformity with industry standards and normative documents. By obtaining RAK certification, you gain a competitive edge in the market, enhancing your reputation and attracting discerning customers who prioritize quality assurance.

Our certification process consists of three crucial stages: initial certification, annual surveillance/assessments, and renewal. Through our meticulous assessments, we ensure that your certified products maintain their quality and compliance consistently over time. Renewal of the certification is typically scheduled every three years; however, we are flexible to accommodate the specific requirements of the scheme owner, enabling you to seamlessly adapt to changing industry demands.

Ready to take the first step towards certifying your concrete products? Reach out to RAK today to inquire about our services or book your product certification. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. You can contact us at +6597886514 or email [email protected].

Partner with RAK Materials Consultants and unlock the full potential of your concrete products through our trusted certification services. Trust, credibility, and quality assurance are just a call or email away!